Graphic Novel Review 203/365: Slam!

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Title: Slam!

Author(s): Pamela Ribon, Veronica Fish, and Brittany Peer

Publisher:  Boom! Box (2017)

Age Rating: 13+

I was so inspired by the art of Veronica Fish yesterday in my review of The Wendy Project that I decided to review another work from Fish: Slam!  This book is a bit closer to the artwork that I’ve grown to love from Fish: bold, colorful, and expressive…although the colors in this first trade of Slam come from the talented Brittany Peer and Laura Langston.

With story by Pamela Ribon, Slam takes us on a journey into the world of competitive roller derby.  We learn the game, the lifestyle, the joy, and the tribulations.  It’s a seriously cool book about what we value, how we balance those things we value, and what it means to be dedicated to something we value.  I’m saying value a lot here; that’s OK.  What we value is important, and if I were going to use this book in the classroom, I’d shape the lesson around just that: value (in case you didn’t get where I was going there).

The book is centered around two young players (Jennifer and Maisie) that come up through a mutual try-out, and the story line follows their relationship from meeting, to being drafted to rival teams, to squaring off against each other in the play-offs in the third act of issue four, so while we have the themes and lessons mentioned above, this book is also, in large part, about friendship…and it’s value.  Sorry, I had to.  But seriously, lots of friendship dynamics happening in this book that are pretty darn cool.

I knew practically nothing about roller derby going into the comic, and now, I want to find some in Chicago, find a favorite player, and buy shirts and foam fingers (hopefully they will be cheaper if I buy them together).  I’m reviewing a book a day here, so you might find it silly that I’m wishing that this trade was longer than the four issues that I was given.  It’s that fun!  I guess I’ll have to pick up MORE comics the next time I hit up the comic book store…shucks.  Thanks, Boom!

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