Graphic Novel Review 20/365: Princess Princess Ever After – Oni Press Week!

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Welcome to day seven of Oni Press Week!  This week I featured reviews of a bunch of cool titles from the good folks over at Oni Press.

Today another book by the talented Katie O’Neill.

Title:  Princess Princess Ever After 

Author: Katie O’Neill

Publisher: ONI Press (2016)

Rating: 7+


This final day of Oni Press Week brings us another young reader smash hit!  Princess Princess Ever After is an original tale about a princess that is too afraid to acknowledge her destiny and the brave princess that helps her see her full potential.  Like many books for youngsters (and a lot of those that I’ve reviewed), this book’s power is in its ability to teach a few lessons.  Themes of friendship, love, dedication, perseverance, and confidence coat this book, even if you don’t believe that a theme can be one word. 😉

Like The Tea Dragon Society, Katie’s other book I reviewed during Oni Press Week that you can read here, the simplicity of the art and the masterful creation of the characters allow the reader to quickly connect to what is happening on the page.  However, I do feel that there is too much story going on for the amount of pages that this book contains.  I feel that this book needs to be longer or broken up into more volumes.  I will admit that my thinking here might come from a place of not having much experience with graphic novels aimed at a younger audience.  I’m sure that for a young one, the amount of story for the pages provided is enough to keep them interested and reading.

There are not many male characters in the book, and the main guy in this story basically relies on the women characters in the story to help him.  It’s a neat switch from most princess stories that we get.  There is definitely no princess needing a prince in this one.  It sucks that I’m even talking about a strong woman saves the day story because it should just be a story, but we are getting better, and this is a book that belongs on the shelf to make it more of a norm.

Happy reading!


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