Graphic Novel Review 204/365: Motor Crush

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Title: Motor Crush

Author(s): Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart, and Babs Tarr

Publisher:  Image (2017)

Age Rating: 17+

This book is dope!

This book is the future of high-octane, drug-induced motocross with a splash of alien-invasion and Speed Racer meets Disney’s Cars.  Sound crazy?  Yeah, it is.  But it’s one of the coolest books I’ve read in a while, and like yesterday’s reviewed SLAM, I wanted more issues in the trade, and I’m bummed I have to wait until my 365 is up to read more of this bad-ass story (I have a lot waiting for me to read)!

Go get this book, get a comfy chair, and put on a hard-pounding soundtrack because Motor Crush begs to be read to loud music.  Our protagonist, Domino Swift (just one of the ridiculously cool names in the book) is one of the best young racers on the WGP circuit, and while her world crashes around her, she maintains an ounce of sanity as she attempts to protect her family and friends in a futuristic society that just wants to take from whomever it can.

The creative team does an outstanding job capturing the fast-paced action of illegal street racing, which is difficult to accomplish on the pages of a comic.  Action like this is usually kept for the big-screen, and when it’s done well on the pages of a comic, the feat does not go unnoticed by the reader.  And the well-captured action is not the only thing this book does well.  The characters and setting are not only unique but leave me wishing that I was able to visit and hang out with these peeps and witness these street races.  This is the type of sci-fi that is right in my lane, and I had too much fun reading this one, y’all!

Happy reading!


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