Graphic Novel Review 213/365: Yvain The Knight of The Lion


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Title: Yvain The Knight of The Lion   

Author(s): M.T. Anderson and Andrea Offermann

Publisher: Candlewick Press (2017)

Age Rating: 13+

First of all, shout out to loyal reader, Annie!  I’m sitting next to your mom at Parent/Teacher Conferences right now, and I want to say thank you for reading…you are awesome!

Back to business.  Yvain The Knight of The Lion is an amazing tale based on the 12th century epic by Chretien Troyes, centered around the Knights of The Roundtable.  This book tells the tale of Yvain The Knight as he adventures.  I’d go into detail about how he adventures, but honestly, he adventures a whole lot in this book, so you are ain’t getting a detailed list of adventures…

BUT, what I will tell you is that Yvain makes a bunch of important decisions throughout the story that are nerve racking, and I’m not lying, Annie, when I say there were a couple of audible gasps while I was reading here at Parent/Teacher Conferences, and your mom was confused.  That, to me, was the the best part of this experience, not the confused Mrs. Karstrand, but the watching Yvain make decisions.  There is so much to discuss about his thought processes and determining what he values at any given point in time based on his decisions.  Oh, and he fights a dragon that is threatening a lion, and the lion repays him with eternal loyalty…pretty cool right??  Now you know why he’s Knight of The Lion.  You’re welcome!

The art is fairly basic, but I feel it matches the classical feel of this Knight’s tale.  But I will say that I am impressed by the amount of panels that Andrea Offermann creates.  This isn’t that long of a book, 127 pages, but it has the weight of a much longer book, and I mean that as a compliment.

I’ve mentioned a few times over the past three weeks that I have been loving feel of some of these classical-feel tales.  Honestly, reading something like this makes me wonder why I put so much stock in sci-fi.  I still love sci-fi, but I’m happy that this 365 journey is teaching me about myself.  I love a good old-school story.  And Yvain The Knight on The Lion is just that.  Another great book from Candlewick Press!

Happy reading!


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