Graphic Novel Review 220/365: Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys

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Title: Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys   

Author(s): Anthony Del Col and Werther Dell’Edera

Publisher:  Dynamite (2017)

Age Rating: 13+

I’m going to be short and sweet today, folks.  I set out to do 200 words a day, I’m averaging over 400 a day, so here’s a short one for ya: Dynamite’s Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys.

This book takes a few old characters that you might have loved as kids and gives them back to you after they have become grown and have to work together to figure out who killed the Hardy father.  The boys are initial suspects, but come on, they didn’t do it…or did they!?  No, they didn’t.  But who did?!  Maybe it was the boys!

It’s a well-constructed noir thriller with a couple of twists and turns.  The art is well-done and what you’d expect from a noir crime thriller graphic novel.  I guess what I’m saying is this book has a very specific audience: folks that cared about these characters growing up and also enjoy a good crime novel.  I know there will be some comparisons to the newer Archie reboot, but having read them both as a reader that had never experienced either set of characters in the past, the Archie series is more fun (and on-going), and in that way, it welcomes new readers to the universe.  I dug this.  I wanted to know who the killer was; it kept me reading.  But if the goal was to sink teeth into new readers for future spin-offs…I don’t know if it achieves that.

Dang!  You still got over 300 words out of me tonight.

Happy reading!


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