Graphic Novel Review 22/365: Snotgirl – Pull List Week!

Graphic Novel Review 22/365 – Pull List Week Day 2!

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Title: Snotgirl

Author:  Leslie Hung and Bryan Lee O’Malley

Publisher: Image Comics (2017-current)

Rating: 17+


Yesterday was Archie and today’s Pull List Week title is Image Comics’ Snotgirl from the creative team of Leslie Hung and Bryan Lee O’Malley.

While I’m sure most of you have heard of Archie, I’m willing to bet that a good number of the non-religious comic book readers out there might not have heard of Snotgirl, and that’s OK.  That’s why you have friends that read comics, like me!  This Image series is currently on issue #6, and it’s a trip.

Lottie Person is a popular fashion blogger with terrible allergies that cause her to snot if she doesn’t take her medicine (hence the title).  She has a small group of semi-famous fashion blogger friends.  Instagram famous, I guess you could say.  The first story arc ended…I guess, at issue #5, but not much of the weird comic was wrapped up.  And don’t expect much to be wrapped up at the end of issue #6 either.  It’s such a running joke about what this comic is actually about that the back mater actually contains a comic strip press conference featuring Anderson Cooper addressing this issue.  Check it out:


There really are quite a few balls in the air thus far in Snotgirl, and at times, I’m sort of wondering if the team even knows where things are going.  BUT here’s the thing…I completely trust Hung and O’Malley, what we have so far is interesting, and the art style is super cool and stylized.  These three things will have me reading until the end of this story…unless it completely falls off the rails; I don’t see that happening.

When I say the book is interesting, that’s partially because of the way that Hung and O’Malley play with the narration, panel structure, and dialogue.  There is a good deal of texting by the characters in the book; the word bubbles are varied in color to depict certain speakers or tones; there is a lot of black space; the colors are incredibly vibrant: the creativity of the book should hold you to the characters…and the characters should hold you to the story.  Even when you have no idea of what’s going on. 🙂

This book will not be for everyone: it contains a lot of adult themes, language, and situations.  They do not overpower the book, but it is heavy in sexual innuendo.  The language, as you can see from the page below, is blacked out, so there’s that…


If what I’ve said intrigues you, go get the book.  If you don’t like fun and colors, then don’t.  Just remember the 17+ rating.  This might be a book for you and not your students.  I think there are some outstanding aspects of this book that I will share with my graphic novel class, but I teach seniors.

I’m out of time here, folks, but I’ll drop a final plug: the back matter of the book has been great.

Happy reading!


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