Graphic Novel Review 226/365: Patience

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If you didn’t know by now, I read A LOT of graphic novels, but one thing you might not know is that I’m not very confident in my graphic novel auteurs.  Of course I’m a fan of Lemire, O’Malley, and Bendis, but I can for sure do better when it comes to learning and studying creators that have carved a place for themselves in the comics world.  With that, for chunks of my remaining 365, I’m going to try and feature a few artists that I feel I should get to know better, and in turn, maybe you will too.

Title: Patience

Author(s): Daniel Clowes

Publisher: Fantagraphics Books (2016)

Age Rating: 17+

Daniel Clowes has had an impact on American comics since the 1980’s, and before Patience, the only book of his that I had read was Ghost World, so it’s time for me to explore the work of Mr. Clowes a bit more.  And I will be reviewing all of his books that cross my desk, but to get to those we must first have Patience.

Patience is a 2016 Clowes gem that features the story of a man that finds love, is about to become a father, fears that his life is not good enough for his family, comes home to find his pregnant wife (Patience) dead, then time-travels for the majority of the book, trying to put the pieces back together.

The book is mature rated.  Nudity and language might keep this modern classic out of the classroom, but it certainly does not discount the literary feel of the tale.  The art has a classic, bold, old-school comic strip feel to it: solid colors, minimal shading, and plenty of hard-boiled narration.  And the script is perfectly paced with plenty of twists and turns to keep the thick-matte pages turning.  All of it comes together in a display that exemplifies why Clowes is an auteur in the industry: reading this, even thought I have not read much from him, I can feel the Clowes style.  And I’m anxious to bring you more from him to support that idea.

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