Graphic Novel Review 231/365: Moving Pictures

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The crazy weekend is over, so I’m back to old school book reviews.

Title: Moving Pictures 

Author(s): Kathryn & Stuart Immonen

Publisher: Top Shelf (2010)

Age Rating: 13+

It’s for sure been a cerebral few days: I hurt my brain seeing Annihilation on Friday; my wife and I got into a discussion about the meaning of childbearing on Saturday that was curious; took some students to see Jonny Sun yesterday and got into the idea of what it means to grow up; and today, I read Moving Pictures…yet another think-piece with ambiguity.

Created by husband/wife team Kathryn & Stuart Immonen, Moving Pictures is a work of historical fiction focusing on a dangerous relationship set in the Second World War, focusing on a group of individuals cataloging, hiding, and shipping precious works of art.  But the story isn’t necessarily about masterworks of art, it’s about the fragility of relationships during tumultuous times.  It’s about what we value and what we are willing to risk for an ounce of happiness.

It’s not a long book.  135 pages filled with high-contrast black and white large panels, makes this a great short read to get the brain working.  The parallel editing keeps the reader focused, but the black and white construction will have you re-reading a few pages to clarify to whom and what you have come back.  But the brevity and content would make this a great book to start the day.  Get the brain juices flowing…

Happy reading!


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