Graphic Novel Review 234/365: The Shrinking Man

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If you’re a 90’s kid like me, you might have grown up reading and loving Stephen King.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t until much later that I heard about one of King’s influences, Richard Matheson, from reading the masterpiece I Am Legend.  And even later when I discovered Matheson’s short stories.

Title: The Shrinking Man 

Author(s): Richard Matheson adapted by Ted Adams and Mark Torres

Publisher: IDW (2015)

Age Rating: 13+

When I talk about The Shrinking Man in my classroom, I make sure to add that the original author of the short story was an influence of Stephen King, and he also wrote I Am Legend.  This usually hooks them, and the story is good.  Short but interesting.  So giving them a comic book in this case opens passageways for me to drop them a Stephen King short story or a different Matheson book.  Ronell Whitaker often speaks about building trust through comics.  We all have that one friend from whom we love to take film, television, or book recommendations.  What I’m telling you is that I want you to be that person for your students.  Build those relationships, hand out books to kids that you know they’ll love, and let them come back to you for the next one.  Or heck, just give them one!

Wait, I just realized that I never told you what the book is about.  It’s a four-issue story about a guy that after a freak accident, is shrinking a 1/7 of an inch each day of his life.  Most of the story takes place with our protagonist smaller than a spider, but the story jumps around a bit to him at different sizes.  It’a well done, and you can see the influences that he could have had on King.

But it’s late: 11:23 P.M.  This is for sure top five closest calls to not finishing before midnight.  I was out with friend discussing the completion of art for my Graphic Novel class!  And THAT was after I took a large group of Game Club kids to a different high school this afternoon to compete in some Smash Bros and Injustice 2.  …just wanted to let you know that I’m a busy guy that puts in sixteen-hour days sometimes for the good of his kids.

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