Graphic Novel Review 236/365: Tales From The Darkside

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I started an auteur discussion a few posts back.  I’d like to continue that today with a Joe Hill/Gabriel Rodriguez joint: Tales From The Darkside.

Title: Tales From The Darkside   

Author(s): Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez

Publisher: IDW (2017)

Age Rating: 13+

There are a few writer/artist combos that I would take with me into a comic battle against pretty much any other creative team; Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez is one of those teams.  These guys are ridiculous; I love everything they do; and the idea of what this trade is excites me.

So, there was supposed to be a new Tales From The Darkside television show.  Needless to say, that show did not make it to air, but Joe Hill did pen a few episodes that were ultimately picked up by IDW and Hill and Rodriguez created some comics from those episode scripts.  The book gives us a glimpse into the world that Hill had been wanting to create, and while each episode was stand-alone, there were going to be cross-over and bleed for the fans.  I would have subscribed to any television platform to see a Black Mirror-type show done by these guys!

The book’s art is what you’d expect from Rodriguez: clean, expressive art on straightforward page layouts, allowing Hill’s script to do its work.  I do need to mention that Rodriguez’s characters’ expressions are always great, and this book is no different.  The guy draws faces as expressively as any master in the industry.  And Hill’s way with dialogue is as good as any comic you will read.  The pages turn without a thought.

I do want more from the stories, and I know that with a few seasons of a television show, I would have been given the gift of development.  In that way, this book makes me angry at the television studio for not picking this up!  Shame on the exec that stopped this from happening; it would have been late-night terror gold…a slightly more gruesome, darker version of The Twilight Zone or Black Mirror.

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