Graphic Novel Review 237/365: Colder

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Hey, all! I have some cool things coming your way in March, so make sure that you are checking back every day. I appreciate you for reading.

Looking back on my last three reviews, this is my fourth strange/horror story in a row…I guess I’ve been in a mood, but I’m hoping my horror readers have been enjoying.  This book has a messed up cover and story to accompany.

Title: Colder

Author(s): Paul Tobin and Juan Ferreyra

Publisher: Dark Horse (2013)

Age Rating: 17+

This one is not for the classroom, y’all!  It’s dark, violent, and graphic.  I mean, just look at the cover of issue one.  Some of you are disgusted; some of you are smiling at its unique horror.  I am doing both.

Colder tells an interesting tale about a creature that feeds off of people’s insanity, killing them in the process.  Entering the universe in 1941 during an event at an experimental mental asylum, the creature known as Nimble Jack infects one of the inmates with a “Colder” curse.  And as Declan Thomas becomes colder (literally) over time, Nimble Jack comes closer to feasting on his most seasoned meal.  BUT!  Declan can enter a person’s insanity and take it away from them, causing him to grow colder, and leaving less food for Jack, but as he rests, he is able to slightly warm.  The story becomes a game of cat and mouse as Declan and Nimble Jack square off in a battle for life and death while attempting to claiming the life of a woman named Reece.  Yep, another interesting and crazy one for ya.

The are by Ferreyra is creepy and imaginative.  Google Image search “Dark Horse Colder” to see what I mean.  This book, like I alluded to in the opening, will not be for everyone, and sure, judge this one by the cover.  If you dig the cover, your enjoyment of the book will follow.  The story, while continued into other trades, does wrap up nicely at the end of Book One, so don’t fear a five-issue trade that will force you to invest into more books to continue the plot.  The creative team does a nice job leaving that continuation totally up to you.

For my readers that are not fans of this genre, I promise some lighter titles this week.  Wait, what’s that sound?  Did you hear it?  Don’t turn aro…

Happy reading!


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