Graphic Novel Review 239/365: Kill Them All

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Today I bring you some crazy violent, graphic language, face-punching, smart-ass quipping action!

Title: Kill Them All

Author(s): Kyle Starks

Publisher: Oni Press (2015)

Age Rating: 17+

I guess I didn’t give you too much of a break from crazy violent, huh?  That’s OK.  This one’s fun.

Kill Them All is a straight-forward story, centered around a cop looking for redemption and an assassin pitted against her crew in a quest up a high-rise building to take out an out-of-control crime boss.

This story is in the same vein as films like Raid: Redemption; Raid 2; and the Judge Dredd film reboot.  A group of good guys proceeds up a tower, taking out baddies in an ultra-violent ballet.  But while the story here is familiar, it’s humor, cartoon-y art style and one-liners make this one to add to the tower-attack genre…if that’s even a genre…it is now.  I’m calling it.

I’m not familiar at all with the work of Kyle Starks, but after reading this, I for sure want to look up other books he’s done.  The writing is seriously funny.  That’s what makes this book for me: the humor.  It’s hard to get comedy right in comics, just read the Sunday “funnies,” am I right??  Sure, anyone can write one or two good jokes over the course of a book, but this one is packed with silly jokes and well-delivered one-liners.  Action/comedy is also a difficult genre to get right.  I think about all the films that have failed to deliver in this genre.  But this one does in a unique way that does not rely on sex, fart, or drug jokes.

Be warned, friends…the language is very rated “R.”  I don’t want you to be surprised by all the “F-Bombs.”

Happy reading!


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