Graphic Novel Review 242/365: Klaus

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Today, a unique origin of Santa.

Title: Klaus   

Author(s): Grant Morrison and Dan Mora

Publisher: BOOM! Studios (2016)

Age Rating: 13+

I started reading Klaus about a year ago; I got through the first of seven issues, and then something swept away my attention, and I found the issues sitting on my classroom rack, waiting to be read.  But something started to happen.  Some of my students started reading the series, and as more and more kids read it, I became more and more intrigued by the tale.  It’s true that when we see people enjoying something, we naturally want in, so as I sat down for Free Read Friday with my Graphic Novel class today, and I continued Klaus…now I know why so many students have been reading it: it’s dope!

Acclaimed writer Grant Morrison and artist Dan Mora have collaborated to bring us an origin tale of a beloved cultural icon: Santa.  With magic powers and a special White Wolf, Klaus has decided that it is time to come back to the town that he left many years ago to bring back honor, justice, and joy.  He encounters many individuals from his past that complicate his mission, but if it’s one thing that Klaus specializes in, it’s complication…I mean if you think about it, sliding down a chimney is a complicated thing!

While a new Klaus mini-series has begun, I still wanted more from this original series.  It started out with such a bang that my expectations were through the roof.  As the story went on, Morrison had to make some decisions to end the story in seven issues that I know would have been drawn out if this were an on-going series.  I wanted it to be the Game of Thrones of Santa origin stories.  It goes to epic places for a brief moment, but there is a lot of story to tell in seven issues, so some of the book feels slightly thin.  And I loved the opening three issues so much, the limited run upset me.  But I’m glad we got these seven issues and the new mini-series Klaus and the Crisis in Xmasville (sort of a silly title, but I’ll still read it).

This book is interesting, beautiful in both its art and writing, and timeless.  Bad-ass Santa with a large White Wolf…is there anything better?

Happy reading!


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