Graphic Novel Review 243/365: The Tourist

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A little violent crime drama for ya today…

Title: The Tourist 

Author(s): Brian Wood and Toby Cypress

Publisher: Image Comics (2006)

Age Rating: 17+

Brian Wood and Toby Cypress team up to bring us a fast paced, short tale about a U.S. military deserter that escapes overseas to move some stolen drugs, and wouldn’t you know it…he falls for a woman, and stuff quickly hits the fan.

The Tourist is a straight-forward crime story.  The line art here is a bit sketchy with heavy shading, done completely in black and white to add to the simplicity of our cast of characters.  The language is mature, and there is a single naked breast, both of these items keeping this one out of the classroom.

I enjoyed the speed of this book; however, it is short, leaving the reader feeling like there is something missing, and that something is unique plot points.  The skeleton is there.  The story is familiar.  But that’s about it.  Image should have given these guys about 100 more pages to create more between the cracks.

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