Graphic Novel Review 244/365: Rickety Stitch and The Gelatinous Goo

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Let’s lighten things up a bit today with a tale for most ages!

Title: Rickety Stitch & The Gelatinous Goo

Author(s): Ben Costa & James Parks

Publisher: Knopf/Penguin/Randomhouse (2017)

Age Rating: 7+

This interesting, colorful book follows a traveling skeleton named Rickety Stitch and his sidekick Gelatinous Goo and they explore a strange fantasy world inhabited by trolls, ogres, gnomes, and many other mythical creatures.  Plagued by the idea of not knowing or remembering who he was as a man, Rickety Stitch’s only memories come in the way of terrible dreams, and a song to which he can’t quite remember the lyrics.

This fairly all-ages book (a few scary parts) is packed with a great cast of characters including a magical unicorn, a mysterious woman knight on horse-back, and a cool gnome that helps Rickety figure out his place on the journey for personal discovery.

The art by Ben Costa is bold and colorful, never allowing the reader to forget the lighthearted tone of the story.  And the clever writing delivers some well-timed humor.

One good thing about the fantasy genre is that it’s timeless.  As long as people are putting pencil to paper, they will be drawing and writing about ogres, imps, and trolls.  There’s something comforting in knowing tales like this.  The protagonist skeleton searching for his meaning and history adds a boost of creativity, and the fact that his sidekick is a Gelatinous Goo is strange, but I never minded.  The Goo is actually pretty cool.

Happy reading!


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