Graphic Novel Review 245/365: Top 20 Titles That Should Be Featured in High School Libraries

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People have been reaching out to me lately, asking for advice, and I love it!  One of my more frequently asked questions is about what titles should be carried in high school libraries.

School librarians are the best!  They are in it for the kids and to promote literacy, so when a librarian asks for my input on titles, I’m more than willing to offer up some suggestions.

What I’d like to do today is give you a list of 20 titles that I’ve reviewed thus far during this process that I think would make an amazing addition to any high school library.  I’ve reviewed all 20 of these, so if you want to read a full review, go to my 365 Graphic Novel Reviews page and do a quick search.  These are in no particular order.  Also, these are high interest.  These might not be my best classroom books (while some of them are), but these will get kids reading and coming back for more graphic novels.

March – The story of the amazing John Lewis.

Scott Pilgrim (color hard-cover versions) – Pure joy and action.  Kids will want to read all six volumes, so be prepared.

Superman: American Alien – The best Superman book I’ve read.  One writer, seven different artists.  Want a way to teach the craft.

everyone’s a aliebn when ur a aliebn too – Beautiful and thought provoking.  Let a kid try to not feel something reading this book.

Spider-Man (Miles Morales) – This is my Spider-Man, and he’ll be your students’ Spider-Man too.

Ms. Marvel – Pakistani/Muslim teenage girl superhero.  She’s fun.  She’s tough.  She’s cool.

Archie – The new Archie run has been bonkers cool.  My kids have loved it!  Can’t keep it on my shelf.

Pride of Baghdad – Lions escape from Baghdad Zoo after bombing.  This is the tale of their survival.  Best art on the list.

I Kill Giants – Beautiful story about a young girl struggling with serious life issues.

Death Note – Only Manga on the list.  Tremendously original and devilish.  Older kids only.

The Arrival – No words in this one.  Brilliantly depicts the immigrant experience.

Alone – Super amazing literary graphic novel about finding oneself.

Wonder Woman: The True Amazon – Very cool Wonder Woman origin story.

Gotham Academy – This is Harry Potter meets Riverdale.

100 Nights of Hero – Great classic storytelling.  Imagine a newer Canterbury Tales.

Locke & Key (series: 6 books) – Horror title that my seniors LOVE!  Can’t keep it on my shelf.  Older kids only.

Relish: My Life in the Kitchen – Non-fiction title about growing up.  Filled with cool graphic novel recipes.

Faith – Valiant Comic’s tale about a plus-sized woman superhero.  She’s great!

Prez – DC Comics title.  Teenage girl becomes President.  Lots of satire.

Klaus – Terrific take on Santa’s origin.  Amazing story and art.  My kids totally dig this!

Here you go, librarians…20 titles that will engage high school aged readers right now!  Let me know if you have any questions.

Happy reading!


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