Graphic Novel Review 248/365: She-Hulk

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Title: She-Hulk

Author(s): Charles Soule, Javier Pulido, and Muntsa Vicente

Publisher: Marvel Comics (2014)

Age Rating: 13+

If you are not familiar with She-Hulk, here’s what you need to know: an attorney and cousin of Dr. Bruce Banner (The Hulk), Jennifer Walters was shot by a crime boss, and an immediate blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce left her with super human strength, green skin, and the ability to not lose her stuff like her cousin.

Books like this are good entry points to the Marvel Universe because they focus on one particular character, but as the story unfolds, they add in characters familiar with that universe and proceed to explain who those people are and their connection to that character.  If this was your first hero book, by the end of issue four, you’d know who Hellcat, Dr. Doom, Matt Murdock (Daredevil), and Tony Stark are.  That’s pretty cool!  I always suggest individual hero books over team or event books…they allow for story and individual characters to develop.

This series, only twelve issues long, is fantastic!  It follows more of Jennifer’s law career than her smash-em-up She-Hulk side, and that is totally fine.  It’s cool to see a hero killing it at something other than, well…killing it.  It reads fun like Fraction’s Hawkeye, and it doesn’t hurt that Javier Pulido does the art for the first four issues, reminding me just how much I enjoyed his work on Hawkeye.

The side characters and cameos are brilliant, and the story from Soule never misses a beat.  I will say that you should dig a lot of quality comic dialogue.  Soule writes a lot of dialogue here, and you will need to pay attention…and if you’re lucky, you’ll learn a thing or two about U.S. asylum filings!

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