Graphic Novel Review 251/365: 2018 Quantum and Woody

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Back to Woody and his big ol’ butt.

Title: Quantum and Woody (yet another reboot)

Author(s): Daniel Kibblesmith and Kano

Publisher: Valiant Comics (2018)

Age Rating: 13+ (but lots of inappropriate allusions but not enough to make this 17+)

This is the only title that I’ve reviewed twice on the 365 quest.

Why?  Well, it’s yet another reboot of a title that I enjoy, probably a bit too much: Quantum and Woody.

Quantum and Woody from Valiant comics usually brings the funny, and not just simple comic book funny, but honest to goodness funny, and writer Daniel Kibblesmith does not disappoint.  This book has the pacing and art of a Quantum and Woody book with a splash of Fraction’s Hawkeye in its use of smaller panels to highlight chunks or break up a bigger scene.  The clever panel layout compliments the quality writing and line art/coloring to deliver a reboot that’s worth picking up.

It’s only 2 issues in, so jump on now if you can.  If you are like me, series that are is the 10’s or 20’s are intimidating.  Don’t worry about that here, and if you are not familiar with Quantum and Woody, it’s cool.  It would help if you were because Kibblesmith doesn’t go into much history, but you can use an old comic book reader trick…Wikipedia.  That will catch you up on the backstory.  Always original and super fun, Quantum and Woody is a great entry into the Valiant Universe.

Happy reading!


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