Graphic Novel Review 257/365: 500 Essential Graphic Novels

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Hey, all! I have some cool things coming your way in March, so make sure that you are checking back every day. I appreciate you for reading.

Here’s one with a bunch of uses!

Title: 500 Essential Graphic Novels  

Author(s): Gene Kannenberg, Jr.

Publisher: Collins Design (2008)

Age Rating: All Ages

I’m a treasure trove of knowledge for you this week because today, I’m going to help you not only find more books to get excited about, but also obtain a cool little collector’s item.

The book pictured above is one of many like it.  A book, written by someone that knows a ton, that can be helpful for someone starting to get into a genre.  These books are great!  You can find top horror film books, or top comedy TV show books…the list goes on and on.  But a book like this is even more useful because not only will it expose you to graphic novels that you did not know existed, BUT you can use it as an autograph book as well, obtaining artist and writer autographs in the book as you journey from con to con.  I myself have already logged about 15-20 names in this book including the legendary Stan Lee!  And I have forgotten to take it to the past seven cons.  Dang it…I could have had so many more!

That’s my tip for the day: if you are serious about getting more into comics/graphic novels, and want to meet the people responsible, pick up a book like this, and get to some cons!  Each one of the books listed also has a mini-review, and they are not all absolutely flattering, so it’s also been cool to see the writer/artist reaction when they read their book’s blurb.  It’s yet another journey.

Happy reading!


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