Graphic Novel Review 260/365: Afar

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What if your dreams were actually travels to other planets??

Title: Afar

Author(s): Leila Del Duca and Kit Seaton

Publisher: Image Comics (2017)

Age Rating: 13+

Afar is a fairly quick read with lots of neat back matter to fill up the space.

I know that the opening sentence here sounds like a bit of a slight, and that’s half true.  The real truth: this a cool book that is too short for the story and world that it builds.  I’m not sure if it was budget or time constraints, but this thing sets itself up to be the Highway to Heaven or Quantum Leap of post-industrial desert wasteland fictions, and we only get a little taste of what could be because by the looks of the book, there is no continuing story coming.  That’s a shame.  This book has a cool premise.

On the quest for a new home after their parents leave to find jobs and money, teenage siblings Botetma and Inotu find themselves in a town that does not feel quite right.  Botetma, the sister, has the interesting power/ability to travel in her sleep into other bodies on other planets and live as that person until she wakes up.  With a little help from a strange being that is only around for a blink of an eye, Botetma begins to control her power in order to save a people that she feels she might have endangered during one of her early dream states.  Cool premise that should have been a series of Botetma hopping from quest to quest across the universe, but I’m not sure that will ever happen.  Will this end up being a series that takes advantage of the concept, or a single book that sits dormant in its own potential?

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