Graphic Novel Review 261/365: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

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Title: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl 

Author(s): Ryan North and Erica Henderson

Publisher: Marvel Comics (2015)

Age Rating: 10+

As C2E2 2018 weekend quickly approaches and I get more and more geek-ed, I want to bring you a fun titles to set the mood for what’s sure to be an amazing time!  Tomorrow, I will be previewing our C2E2 panels…we have a bunch this year, and I’m stoked to tell you about them, so make sure you stop back tomorrow and check it out.  We will even be offering Illinois teachers Continuing Education Credits for attending!  Lots of exclamation marks!

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is a book that has been rebooted quite a few times over the course of the past couple of years, so much so that one of her #1 issues made a joke about it on the cover: “Only Our Second #1 So Far This Year.”  Yeah, Marvel tends to do that a bunch, but in all honesty, I’d rather see Squirrel Girl rebooted than straight booted.  It’s a wonderfully fun book with a great main character.

Doreen Green is a fun-loving, bad-guy kicking, just entering college girl who has the enhanced speed, agility, and strength of a squirrel…oh, and she can communicate with squirrels, which comes in often more than you’d think.  Squirrels are pretty bad-ass.

The writers of Squirrel Girl do not shy away from her fighting massively scary villains, and most of the time, she only needs the power of empathy to stop them.  In this trade, Squirrel Girl convinces Galactus to not eat Earth by finding an alternative planet with no people and lots of delicious nuts for them to feast on.  They do.  They fall asleep, Squirrel Girl on Galactus’ massive chest, they wake up, make pleasantries, and they move on with their lives, Earth in tact.  It is interactions like this that make this book worth reading.  Squirrel Girl can use her strength to beat a baddie, but more times than not, she uses her words and reasoning ability to solve a problem.

The art and the writing are a prefect blend of comedy, action, and heart…making Squirrel Girl a must read for fans of alternative hero books not relying on mythology-soaked backstory.  There may never be a Squirrel Girl big-budget film, but for true fans of the books and characters we say…that’s not OK, and we will force our squirrel armies on your film sets until it happens!

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