Graphic Novel Review 275/365: The Reset Button: The 16-Bit Collection

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I walked by George Gant’s booth at C2E2, and the Sega Genesis-style cover of The Reset Button: The 16-Bit Collection caught my eye immediately.

Title: The Reset Button: The 16-Bit Collection 

Author(s): George Gant

Publisher: Self Published (2018)

Age Rating: All Ages

The 90s are back!  For kids of the 90s, we have almost reached peak nostalgia, and The Reset Button continues that nostalgia-train, delivering to all my old school video game feels.

The Reset Button is a web comic, created by fellow Chicagoan George Gant.  You can visit his web site here.

The book that I picked up at C2E2 is a collection of The Reset Button strips.  For those of you not familiar, the strip is about a teen monkey named Reset Bloomtail Jr., his twin sister Plum Bloomtail (A.K.A. Player 2), and a shapeshifting slime named Gouie.  They wonder the halls of school, get into trouble, and explore the video game world in which they live.

It’s cute and well drawn/designed, but what I love about this collection the most is the number of classic video game tropes that Gant is able to squeeze into the strips.  Fans of classic video games are going to love the references, and kids will love the fun characters and silly situations.

Like Sci-Fu (which I reviewed last week), this book has a cross-generational appeal.  So, go check out Gant’s site linked above, toss him some money, and dive back into the 90s!

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