Graphic Novel Review 277/365: Misfit City

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I have not reviewed enough BOOM! titles, so here’s a fun one from a great creative team!

Title: Misfit City  

Author(s): Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith, Kurt Lustgarten, Naomi Franquiz, and Brittany Peer

Publisher: Boom! Box (2017)

Age Rating: 13+

This graphic novel answers the question…what if a group of teens living where they filmed the The Goonies (Gloomies in this book) found a real treasure map and decided to go against everything they’ve ever known to find themselves some treasure? …even in the face of baddies trying to steal their map and possible take their lives.

This year I’ve read a ton of YA graphic novels that center around a group of high school girls; they have been super unique and interesting.  Misfit City is one of the standouts.  Not only does it have a cool title, Misfit City excels in its pacing, often feeling like a film itself.  The introduction of characters and plot points are on the mark, and each girl has her own identity without being too much of a stereotype.  I say “too much” in a way that some one that watches all the sitcoms talks about stereotypical characters…if you read/watch enough of the same medium/genre, commonalities start to arise, and after over 250 books in this quest, commonalities have arisen.

However, as I have alluded, Misfit City is a fun read.  The plot is engaging, and there are enough conflicts coming at the girls to keep the pages turning.  The girls adventure with a dog, and I’m a sucker for dogs, so that doesn’t hurt Misfit City‘s case in my book.  We take all of this and toss in a lost pirate’s treasure, and you get a story sure to entertain a whole mess of different readers.  Like Spectacle from yesterday’s review, Misfit City knows what it is, and it ain’t subpar.

I can’t wait for book two!

Happy reading!


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