Graphic Novel Review 280/365: Huck

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Today starts Hero Week, a week of cool/colorful heroes in preparation for Infinity War, opening this Thursday evening!  Day One of Hero Week brings us a cool title from Image Comics.

Title: Huck

Author(s): Mark Millar and Rafael Albuqerque

Publisher: Atlas Entertainment (2016)

Age Rating: 13+

Huck is a six-issue series, and I’ve had issues 1-4 and 6 on my shelf for a while.  Students would read 1-4, get mad that I didn’t have #5; I would tell them I would find it; I would forget, and the cycle would continue.  BUT recently at one of my favorite comic spots, I found issue 5 in a back-issue box for a buck!  I bought it, and a handful of students filled with glee.  Then I read all six, to see what the big deal was.

Beautiful large panels, brilliantly filled with the art of Albuquerque and coloring of Dave McCaig coat the mini-series.  Natural Earth tones with heavy outlining fill the pages of Huck.  Most of the characters are drawn to look innocent, which adds to the welcoming atmosphere of the book.  As a reader it’s hard not to fall in love with our big, lovable hero.

Born to a mother with special abilities, Huck, given away to keep him safe, has a few special abilities himself.  While we do not know the complete list of Huck’s abilities, we do know that he is super fast, super strong, and he has the uncanny ability to find most lost objects and people.  Huck was raised in the middle of nowhere, to a family that wanted to keep his special abilities a secret for fear of his safety.  When these secret abilities get out, things are never the same for Huck again.

He is kind and thoughtful, doing at least one nice thing for a person in his town each day.  He is friendly to the point where characters refer to him as “retarded” and “slow.”  Their quick assumptions about our protagonist say a good deal about how we view goodness and kindness in this world.  It’s refreshing to read a character as wonderful as Huck but disheartening to read the reactions to this giant.

If you ask me, Huck is the perfect hero to kick off Hero Week.  I hope you are inspired to go grab this title in single issues or trade.  This should be read, and I would say it’s the perfect book to teach the importance of kindness and empathy.

Happy reading!


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