Graphic Novel Review 289/365: Not Quite Narwhal

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Title: Not Quite Narwhal 

Author(s): Jessie Sima

Publisher: Simon & Schuster (2017)

Age Rating: All Ages

This is an adorable book.

A unicorn named Kelp is raised underwater by a Blessing of narwhals (I looked it up!).  One day he gets swept up in an ocean current and gets tossed close to the shore.  As he curiously moves to the land, he notices unicorns, and goes to meet them.  They accept him as one of their own, and as he becomes comfortable with the thought of being one with them, he misses home, and leaves the unicorns for his narwhal family, but then the torn little guy misses his people…  Ultimately, they all end up living in harmony, and Kelp does not need to decide; he lives happily in both worlds!

A book filled with difficult decisions, Not Quite Narwhal is the perfect book for children of divorce, children of adoption, and any child that needs to understand the dichotomy of decisions.  It’s a simple lesson but an important one.  Kelp easily and quickly understands and realizes that there is a way in which no decision has to be made.  He just needs to find the time to enjoy both worlds.

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