Graphic Novel Review 290/365: Dragons Love Tacos

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Title: Dragons Love Tacos 

Author(s): Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri

Publisher: Dial/Penguin (2012)

Age Rating: All Ages

Yo, I have no idea what this book is supposed to be about.  I mean, I know what it’s about: dragons love tacos…they hate spicy salsa…a kid has a taco party for the dragons…he accidentally gives them some spicy salsa…they burn down his house and help him rebuild it.  But, like, what is it REALLY about??

I say, who cares?  This book is full of cool, friendly looking dragons that love tacos, and who doesn’t love tacos?  The book is pure fun.  I’m certain, considering the age of this book and its New York Times Bestseller title, that this book has spawned a countless number of taco parties held by youngsters and their parents across the globe!  The book even gives a list of non-spicy ingredients that are perfect for tacos!

If I had kids, I’d buy this book, we’d geek out over dragons, go buy ingredients for tacos, bond over making the tacos, and plan our own taco/dragon themed party.  And I’d let me kid pick the ingredients.  It’s a super cool way to get your kid in the kitchen, learning about cooking and nutrition.  I’m all about it.  A foodie myself, I want to steal a niece and nephew or two and throw a taco party, just to share my love of food with them.

OK, enough.  I really need to go eat some tacos now…

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