Graphic Novel Review 295/365: Iggy Peck, Architect

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Back to a traditional book review today!  And we will stick with books for the younger ones until I hit review 300 since I have discovered so many over the past couple of weeks, and honestly, they are quicker to review as I try to get all of my seniors passing.  #yikes

Title: Iggy Peck, Architect 

Author(s): Andrea Beaty and David Roberts

Publisher: Abrams (2007)

Age Rating: All Ages

This all ages book is very appropriate for Teacher Appreciation Week.

It’s about this kid named Iggy Peck that loves to build, and he loves buildings; however, his 2nd grade teachers, having been traumatized by being stuck in a large building as a kid, will have none of Iggy’s construction.  Well…the class gets stuck stranded on the other side of a bridge during a field trip, and it’s up to Iggy to construct a bridge out of materials that the student have, mainly shoelaces, to cross them back to safety.

Miss Lila Greer discovers that her bias was unwarranted, and that it actually saved the class!  She then allows Iggy to present on buildings during a special presentation each week to the class.

As educators, we all come into our classes with some sort of bias, and at times, those biases are hard to shake.

But we need to…

We need to come into the day, the week, the month, the school year with an unbiased approach to teaching (and learning).  Iggy shows us that when we allow our students to explore their passion, not only does it help the student grow, but it can be good for the entire class!  Miss Greer knows that she cannot (or should not) shape every lesson around architecture, but allowing Iggy to share his passion with the class for a small chunk of each week is a wonderful way to show him and the class that she cares for their interests and character.

Happy reading!


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