Graphic Novel Review 297/365: Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast

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Have you ever been in that moment when you realize that there might only be one drop of maple syrup left in the bottle, and you have to race a good friend to get to the bottle first?!  Me neither, but that’s not the case with Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast…

Title: Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast 

Author(s): Josh Funk and Brendan Kearney

Publisher: Sterling (2015)

Age Rating: All Ages

This book is a madcap race between Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast, through the fridge, to acquire the last drop of Maple syrup.  It is written is super-fun rhyming couplets, and the art of Brendan Kearney on these large pages is cute as heck!

There may be a lesson in this book about not fighting with your friends, or managing your priorities, or being materialistic…but I think this one can just be about some food interacting in a fun, interesting setting: the fridge.  And the book ends with a fold-out poster of the fridge for the little ones to put on their wall; that’s some cool self-promotion if you ask me!

If you hate waffles (spoiler alert), this book is for you!  If you like personified food, this book might also be for you.

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