Graphic Novel Review 298/365: Olivia

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Title: Olivia  

Author(s): Ian Falconer

Publisher: Atheneum (2015)

Age Rating: All Ages

I guess Olivia is a fairly famous pig!  I vaguely recall having heard about Olivia or seen her on the shelves of a local book store.  She’s a high-energy, young pig that is fantastically creative and ever relatable.

The drawings are simple, with minimal backgrounds, and they feel like they are done in pencil with some slight digital shading.  Color is sparse, allowing the reader to focus on Olivia’s actions and daily routines without the fatigue of completely black & white pages.  Kids will find that they have many things in common with Olivia, and maybe that is where this books finds its success.  As a reader, we all want to see ourselves in a story.  We want to relate.  We want to grow with characters.  Olivia promises youngsters just that.

She’s also a very nondescript character, allowing any number of youngsters to imagine themselves in her shoes.  Not to say the images are not cute or charming; they are just simple.

This book may be the perfect package pig picture book!  Simple in style yet interesting composition.  Nondescript in character design but relatable in characterization.  Fairly universal in plot.  I can totally see why young ones love Olivia!

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