Graphic Novel Review 301/365: 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank

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Hey, all! I have some cool things coming your way in May, so make sure that you are checking back every day. I appreciate you for reading.

I am back with a book that is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum from the kids books of last week!  This one’s not for the kiddies, y’all!

Title: 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank

Author(s): Tyler Boss, Thomas Mauer, and Matthew Rosenberg

Publisher: Black Mask (2017)

Age Rating: 17+

While I loved the kids books, it’s refreshing to be reading some crazy, violent, swear-filled, awesomeness again!

This book will not be for all of you, but it will be for many of you.  4 Kids Walk Into A Bank tells the interesting story of a group of kids that decide to rob a bank in order to prevent one of their dads from robbing it with his old crew and ruining his life.

The story is complex with characters for days.  I feel that the five-issue run bunches up in the last issue, running the pacing a bit quick, but that’s a small price to pay for the humor and sheer originality of the script and characters because there are some great characters making some well-timed jokes in this beast.  I’ve heard that there was a hiatus between the 3rd and 4th issue, so I’m not sure how that played out in the construction of the last two issues…no matter, what I got, I love.

Tyler Boss’ art is reminiscent of David Aja’s, and I found some very similar panels to that of Fraction’s Hawkeye to give you a sense of the art style if you are not familiar with Boss.  There are some drastic switches in art style and color depending on what is going on in the story (I won’t spoil anything…some of the jumps are a fun surprise); those art shifts are a small part of what makes this book as unique as it is…

To fans of the art-form that have not read this crazy piece and are not afraid of some kids dropping F-Bombs and planning felonies, I say read away!

Happy reading!


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