Graphic Novel Review 305/365: Meanwhile

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Arguably the most interesting graphic novel I have reviewed thus far…

Title: Meanwhile 

Author(s): Jason Shiga

Publisher: Amulet/Abrams (2010)

Age Rating: 13+

I have always had a passion for choose your own adventure stories; they papered my childhood.  Fellow Comic Book Teacher Jason Nisavic and I even cut and directed a 30-minute play last school year based on one of the Choose Your Own Adventure classics: Hyperspace.

So when I heard that Jason Shinga had made a choose your own adventure-type graphic novel, I was intrigued.  Then I looked inside of the book, and I was mesmerized.

The book is laminated, as to bring down the wear with all of the flipping back and forth a reader will end up doing, and the book has dozens of tabs on both sides as the book is open with guide lines going to the tab that you are to turn to as you make your decisions in the process of moving through this strange story.

Your first decision comes at an ice cream store: vanilla or chocolate.  One choice pretty much ends the story, while the other one sets you on a path of scientific intrigue that’s sure to engage even the most skeptical of reader.

There are many wonderful things about this book, but here is my favorite: while I was reading, I was enjoying the journey/process so much that I forgot what was going on around me.  I was truly lost in the book.  For me, that rarely happens, but when it does, I know that I have gotten myself into something special.

Interesting and like no other, Meanwhile is a graphic novel that defines the medium.  <<<That’s my “back of the book blurb.”

Happy reading!


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