Graphic Novel Review 308/365: Something Terrible

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Title: Something Terrible  

Author(s): Dean Trippe

Publisher: Iron Circus Comics (2016)

Age Rating: 17+

Something Terrible by Dean Trippe is a powerfully personal reflection on what it means to live with the aftermath of a tragic event.  As a young boy, Trippe was abused and raped, and he grew up in a world that enforced the “cycle of violence” mentality, causing a young Trippe to live a good chunk of his life in fear of what he might become.

However, though the help of Batman, a constant awareness of self, and research with realization, Trippe has found a place that allows him to live a changed existence, one where he does not need to fear what he may become.

This book is short but powerful in its art, commentary, and message.  There are warnings all over this book that it is not for kids and that it is an adult book, but I’m not sure.  Yes, it’s not for little kids, but the story here is not visually graphic, and yes, it does deal with the heavy issues of abuse and rape, but are these topics from which we should shy teens and pre-teens away?  You will have to read it and decide for which people in your life this book is written.  Count on it opening up conversation.  Count on it affecting you in some way.

By far one of the most heavy tales of my 365.  It’s brave in its concept, and innocent in its construction, this short graphic novel delivers a bold statement about facing your past by never forgetting to acknowledge it.  <<Last sentence is my “Back of the Book Blurb.”

Happy reading!


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