Graphic Novel Review 309/365: Snow White

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Cool modern take on a classic tale…

Title: Snow White   

Author(s): Matt Phelan

Publisher: Candlewick Press (2016)

Age Rating: 10+

Set in NYC during the 1920’s, this Snow White re-imagination focuses on the White family.  A wealthy family hit by tragedy when the mother dies of a sudden illness, leaving a loving father and his daughter, nicknamed Snow, to survive her death.  The father, mesmerized by a beautiful stage actress, marries her, and when she turns out to be all about that Lady Macbeth life, things start to hit the fan.

The art is heavy in pencil and watercolor.  The color is primarily muted grays with highlights and splashes of bright color for emphasis and accent.  The panels are big, and the words are sparse, making this a great book for any level of reader.

The coolest part of the book comes with “The Seven”: there are no dwarfs in this book…there are seven tough orphans that come to the rescue of Snow White as she is about to be mugged in a dark NYC alley, and they hang with her for the majority of the tale.

As I’ve mentioned before in older posts, the success of this book for me comes in the idea that it is familiar yet original.  Like the Baz Luhrmann Romeo & Juliet, all this puppy needs is to be a bit more stylized and get an avant garde soundtrack, and it’s box office gold.

With that said, I think there are tons of cool classroom implications with this book.  The idea of reinvention is always intriguing in my classroom.  How can we take what we once knew and make it unique?  There are some cool lesson plans to be written for this book.  Maybe when I’m done with my quest, I can spend more time with this treat of a book.

Happy reading!


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