Graphic Novel Review 319/365: Unfollow – 140 Characters

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This Vertigo book has looked interesting to me for about a year.  Read trade one today.  I’m obsessed.

Title: Unfollow – 140 Characters 

Author(s): Rob Williams, Mike Dowling, R.M. Guera, Quinton Winter, Giulia Brusco

Publisher: DC Vertigo (2016)

Age Rating: 17+

An eccentric billionaire summons 140 random people to his private island through installing an app on their phones with the number 140.  After getting a first-class shipment to this billionaire’s island, they find out that at the time of his imminent death, they will all split his fortune (over 18 billion dollars).  But if any of them die, the remaining funds will be split among the survivors.  They will receive the funds in portions over time, with these portions increasing as winners pass.

As you read the first few issues of this story, you assume that these people will slug it out on the island and kill each other, leaving this book on the pile of other kill or be killed stories that have plagued the Earth over the past fifteen years, but you’d be wrong, for as our billionaire dies, everyone gets sent back home to resume their lives, abandoning all preconceived notions for which the plot sets us up.

The cast of characters here is unbelievable, not that there are tons in the first trade (six issues), but the chunk of the 140 that we are introduced to are interesting, and I can’t wait to see where this thing ends up.  I don’t want to give away too much because it is fascinating as it unfolds, and I want you to experience the characters and their backgrounds as I did.

Not for the classroom, this mature title is for your own personal enjoyment and local graphic novel book clubs.  Lots of nudity.  And if you’ve been following my blog this week, you know how I feel about the subject matter.  No matter for the personal collection though.

The art of Mike Dowling and R.M. Guera is perfect for this story.  Far from clean lines and shading, the simplicity of the backgrounds and page layouts allow the organized chaos of the panels to deliver a heavy visual impact.

This book immediately breaks into the Top 10 of most interesting graphic novels I’ve read over the 365 so far…

Happy reading!


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