Graphic Novel Review 329/365: Pride Month Special

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Hey, everyone!  In celebration of Pride Month, I’d like to reflect upon five of the top books that I’ve reviewed over the 365 quest that have a LGBTQ focus, and tomorrow, I’m happy to share five more.  I’d rather break it up over two days to let you explore the titles without feeling the stress of looking up ten books at once.

I’ve listed the title with a brief description and link to my review.

In no particular order…enjoy!

Iceman Vol. 1: Thawing Out – this new Iceman book is amazing.  It brings us great action, great characters, and great emotional moments as Bobby Drake decides how to come out to friends and family.

Generations – this powerful tale of family, uncertainty, growing up, and redemption follows a young man by the name of Matteo as he comes home after three years in Milan in the wake of a failed relationship that was against his father’s wishes.

Taproot – the tale of a young, skilled flower shop worker named Hamal that can talk to ghosts.  He’s been able to do this for a very long time.  So long in fact that he doesn’t even feel it to strange.  One of the ghosts, Blue, has an obvious crush on Hamal…

The Backstagers – cool, fun book about a group of theater kids at an all-boys high school.

Adrian and the Tree of Secrets –  difficult tale about a young man in France (book originally published in French) dealing with his sexuality in a town that is less than accepting.

I hope you can check some of these out!  I’m showcasing everything from hero books to literary fiction.  Find one for you!

Happy reading!


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