Graphic Novel Review 330/365: Pride Month Special 2

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Hey, everyone!  In celebration of Pride Month, I’d like to reflect upon five of the top books that I’ve reviewed over the 365 quest that have a LGBTQ focus.  I’m breaking it up over two days to let you explore the titles without feeling the stress of looking up ten books at once.  I presented five yesterday, and if you did not get to check it out, click here!

I’ve listed the title with a brief description and link to my review.

In no particular order…enjoy!

Spinning– it’s not a secret that I’m not a teenage girl.  And my big self is for sure not a teenage girl that ice skates semi-professionally.  But that doesn’t stop me from loving or relating to Tillie Walden’s Spinning.

A Day In The Life of Marlon Bundo– not sure how many of you watch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO, but if you don’t, a few weeks ago, John Oliver discussed the release of a children’s book to rival the children’s book of Vice President Pence’s rabbit Marlon Bundo.  You can watch his segment on the V.P. and the book here.

The Cardboard Kingdom– the kids/characters in The Cardboard Kingdom, created by a host of wonderful people, come together over the course of a summer and build a fantastical world out of sweat, hard work, and a crap-ton of cardboard!  Sure to be a smash hit!

Decelerate Blue– a dystopian tale about a near-future society where everything is sped up: contractions are a must, books are edited down, you must say “Go” at the end of every statement to keep conversation moving quickly, and big corporations are constantly and quickly moving you into purchases.  One girl, Angela, tired of the speed of life, finds an outpost of folks determined to decelerate life back to a crawl, and she does everything she can to remain there and help the cause…even in the face of great danger.

Motor Crush– this book is the future of high-octane, drug-induced motocross with a splash of alien-invasion and Speed Racer meets Disney’s Cars.  Sound crazy?  Yeah, it is.  But it’s one of the coolest books I’ve read in a while.

Happy reading!


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