Graphic Novel Review 331/365: Darth Vader – Vader

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Today’s title is inspired by my recent obsession with Star Wars…I mean I’ve always been a fan, but lately, I’ve been diving in.

Title: Star Wars: Darth Vader – Vader   

Author(s): Kieron Gillen, Salvador Larroca, and Edgar Delgado

Publisher: Marvel Comics (2016)

Age Rating: 13+

So, yeah, I’ve been playing Battlefront II quite a bit lately, and one of my favorite things is when I get to play as Darth Vader!  For my money, him and Kylo Ren are the best in that game!

I jumped at the opportunity to review this Darth Vader book.  I read issue one a while back but just picked up the trade recently; I was excited to continue the story.  It takes place after Episode IV: A New Hope.  Darth Vader is on the outs with the Emperor for allowing the Death Star to get all explode-y, and he has to prove himself.

Although there are moments of Darth Vader being all bad-ass Darth Vader, this trade finds us exploring a Darth Vader that’s a bit humbled, having been demoted by the Emperor.  As he seeks the proper path to get back in the Emperor’s good graces, we get some flashbacks to earlier moments from Episodes I-IV, and we get exposed to some new characters.  The most interesting of the newbies include Doctor Aphra (a rogue archaeologist), and a C3PO and R2-D2 droid-type combo of 000 and BT-1.  000 is a torturous, unforgiving versions of C3P0, and BT-1 is a devastating weapon of destruction version of R2-D2.  And if you dig the character of Doctor Aphra, you’re in luck; she currently has her own series from Marvel comics, and I’d like to see a OOO/BT-1 book too!  That would be daaarrrk…nevermind, I thought about it and changed my mind.

I’m back and forth on the art here.  Overall, the settings, and scenes look great, but I have a slight problem with the stiffness of Vader himself.  I know he has never been a character to be known for his mobility, but I want more happening with him and his bad-ass-ness moving around, slicing dudes with his lightsaber.  Def not enough of an issue for me to stop reading; I just wanted more fluidity in Vader’s movement and presence.

I have not met a new Star Wars comic that I did not like!  If you are a fan of the SWU, you probably already know about this comic, but if not, unless you are one of the king haters, you’ll dig this title!

Happy reading!


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