Graphic Novel Review 350/365: Superman: Speeding Bullets

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Today’s review will be short and sweet.

Title: Superman: Speeding Bullets 

Author(s): J.M. DeMattis and Eduardo Barreto

Publisher: DC Comics (1993)

Age Rating: 13+

Honestly, there’s not a lot to say about DC’s 1993 Superman: Speeding Bullets.

It’s a cool short series that answers the question, what if Superman had landed in Gotham City and was raised by the Waynes?  Yep, Superman as Batman.

The art and dialogue are straight out of the early 90s, so it feels slightly dated, but the concept is interesting enough to hold reader attention.  Then we find out that Lex Luthor has become The Joker, and the train starts to come off of the track a bit.

Fans of both Superman and Batman should check out this twenty-five-year-old book; it’s a cool piece of hero history.

Happy reading!


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