Graphic Novel Review 354/365: Rick and Morty Issue #32

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Hey, all!  I have some cool things coming your way in July as I end my quest of 365 blog posts in a row.  I appreciate you for reading.  12 posts to go!

I had the awesome opportunity of meeting writer Pamela Ribon at Denver Comic Con.  I am a huge fan of her work, and at her booth, I picked up a copy of Rick and Morty Issue #32 (which she wrote), and she donated a copy of her hilarious book Notes to Boys to my Creative Writing class; she penned this great little inscription:

Title: Rick and Morty Issue #32

Author(s): Pamela Ribon, Erica Hayes, and Katy Farina

Publisher: Oni Press (2017)

Age Rating: 13+

Rick and Morty Issue #32 is an all Summer issue.  Summer falls in love with the space car, and the rest of the issue is her dealing with the idea that she’s in love with a vehicle.  It’s really funny, and like all of the Rick and Morty comics that I’ve read, feels very close in tone, mood, and comedy to the show.

I have to give Ribon, and all writers that write comedy comics, props.  It’s damn hard to tell a joke with little to no timing tools at your disposal, especially when you are counting on a writer to deliver in your written word.  TV and film offer physical timing as a vehicle to drop a joke, but drawings, for the most part, do not.  There are exceptions with letting panels exist and play out to create “time,” but it’s still a tough thing to do.  I hope to break into creating funny comics at some point, and I hope to be as good as some of the greats, and I’d put Ribon in that group.  If you doubt me, just read her other offerings.  I’ve actually reviewed a few including My Boyfriend is a Bear and Slam.

I’ve also reviewed the Rick and Morty comics series as a whole.  You can check out my review of that here.

Support funny comics.  Check out the work of Pamela Ribon, both comics and prose.  Pamela, I’d like to blurb on the back of your next book, please.  I’ll write something crazy and unintelligible, and it will be amazing!

Happy reading!


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