Graphic Novel Review 359/365: Batman – The Wedding and Cat Woman #1

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Spoilers: Hey!  Batman got married to Cat Woman!  No he didn’t.  She stood him up on the rooftop.  I found out that that info was spoiled for a bunch of people; although, seriously, who cares?  The issue sort of sucks.

Title: Batman – The Wedding and Cat Woman #1

Author(s): Batman (Tom King and Mikel Janin) Cat Woman (Joelle Jones and Laura Allred)

Publisher: DC Comics (2018)

Age Rating: 13+

Check out the meta in these covers if you can see it.  Cat Woman on her issue #1 is holding a copy of Batman #50, and she’s saying, “Read Batman #50 first or I’ll spoil the whole thing.”  Kind of cool.  So, for the record it goes Batman #50 then Cat Woman #1, which is how I read them and how I’ll review them.

Batman #50, The Wedding issue is cheesy and sort of lame, BUT as you will find out, Batman and Cat Woman have written letters to each other, and the content of the letters is inter-dispersed on full pages with the content over a guest drawings of the Bat and Cat.  Much of the cheese comes from the letters, but the artwork is stellar.

The issue bills itself as “Extra-Sized Anniversary Issue!” but the only thing “extra-sized” is the amount of ads in the issue (two for the new Superman book alone!).

The Cat Woman issue is nothing special either.  The art in both books is fairly fantastic, but that’s expected with books of this caliber; I need story.  Maybe it’s my negativity toward the ads breaking up the flow, pushing me further into DC/Marvel trades over issues, or maybe it’s the fact that the issue feels a bit too traditional/non-creative, but I do not need to read issue #2.  I mean, she just left Batman in the cold and brokenhearted, and this is what we get?  I know it’s going to build to something, but giving us this, after that, is not what I needed to keep my interest.  If you bought a wedding gift, take it back.  Also, why are you buying them a wedding gift?  Bruce Wayne has waaaaay more money than you.

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