Graphic Novel Review 364/365: Part 1 of 2 – Closing Things Out

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Hey, all!  I have some cool things coming your way in July as I end my quest of 365 blog posts in a row.  I appreciate you for reading.  After today, 1 post to go!

It’s been a long journey, and I’m happy to say that I’ve blogged in Europe, Hawaii, all over the continental U.S., and many sleepy, countless nights at my kitchen table and in my basement, but here we are…the last two posts of this 365 journey.

I want to leave you with what I feel to be two helpful, honest days to end it.  Today, I will be blogging about the top three things that I have learned from this journey that you can use on your own journey, and tomorrow, I will blog about the top 10 books of the entire 365.

So, here you go…three things that I give to you at the end of my journey:

1.) Try not to make promises.  It’s your quest.  It’s your goal.  If you need to change plans, then do it, but it feels better when you stick to what you said you were going to do.  At the start of the project, I was going to review 365 books.  That did not happen.  I did (if today and tomorrow pan out) get 365 blog posts in a row done; but they were not all reviews.  And people loved a lot of my non-review posts.  My suggestions of graphic novels for local and school libraries was one of my most popular posts of the year!  But looking back, I should have just said 365 blog posts in 365 days.  Not a big deal, but, you know…if you do it, try to be true to your word a bit more than I was when I started out.  I had to switch it up, which brings me to #2.

2.) Switch it up.  Don’t paint yourself into a corner for an entire year.  One of the best things I did over the year was find cool, interesting ways to bring quality content while still being true to my mission.  Being able to explore avenues and pathways of your mission allows for the creation of interesting content for your readers and allows you to create in more meaningful ways.  When inspiration hits, you’ll be able to use it.

3.) Believe in yourself!  A year ago, if I’m being honest, I never thought I could do this.  365 blog posts in 365 days was a dream.  I was thinking I’d be lucky to get to 125, but here was are at 364, and I did not miss a day.  I had help from friends with guest reviews, but I posted original content to this blog every day for the past 364 days.  And most of the posts contain between 400-500 words, which means, I’ve put up the word-count equivalent of a 500-page novel.  It became a habit quickly, and I don’t know if there will be many days in my next adventure that I won’t write.  It’s now part of who I am.  Like someone that religiously works out, it’s just what I do.  It’s not all great, but I’ve gotten better, and I’ve worked at it.  I’ve most def become a better editor of my own work, and I have exemplified dedication to my students.  I had homework every night of the school year, including weekends.  A quest like this will make you a better student and teacher.  I promise.

I look forward to bringing you my top ten books of the 365 tomorrow, and my next project looks to be coming together nicely!

Happy reading!


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