Graphic Novel Review 365/365: The End of a Chapter

Well, this is it.  Post 365.  I will miss this, but in a way, this is just the beginning.  I will be taking a week off, and when I come back, I will be starting a year of exploring story in a series I’m calling “Storytelling is Not Dead.”

I will be conducting interviews, continuing book reviews, and telling all sorts of cool stories from all ends of the world.  I will not be blogging every day of the exploration, but there will be a few constants each week.  For example, on Wednesdays, I will be reviewing four new #1 comic book issues to hit the shelf that day, and each week will contain one interview, and a post dedicated to food in some way, shape, or form.  I’m very excited!  If you love story, you should love what I’m about to get into.  It will also include a Youtube channel, something else that is new to me, and I’ll be learning as I create, sharing my successes and failures with you along the way.

To end things, I thought it appropriate to list my favorite 10 books of the 365 quest.  If you have these 10 books on your shelf, you have a excellent start to an amazing graphic novel collection!  I’m not ordering them, but my number one is my favorite and had the most influence on my year as a whole.  And the rest…well, it’s hard to pick 10, and if you ask me tomorrow, this list might be different.  But that’s the tough part about art, isn’t it?  It’s wonderfully subjective, even depending on your current mood.  But for today, here you go (click title for my review of that book):

1.) everyone’s a aliebn when ur a aliebn too

2.) Scott Pilgrim 

3.) Fetch 

4.) The Sound Of The World By Heart

5.) One Hundred Nights of Hero

6.) Here

7.) Meanwhile

8.) Superman: American Alien

9.) I Kill Giants 

10.) Death Note 

And there you have it!  365 blog posts in 365 days.  I hope you have taken something away from my quest, and I look forward to bringing you into the conversation as I work on my next exploration that will be starting one week from today!

Happy reading!


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