Graphic Novel Review 59/365: Potpourri

Please keep up with all of my old Graphic Novel Reviews here as I quest for 365 in 365 days!

Ahhh…potpourri.  My all-time favorite Jeopardy category.

I’m using this time today to take care of a few things that I’ve been needing the time to do; these things will support me in my cause and help the future readers of this blog navigate the site a bit easier.  My main goal this evening is to finish the links to the other reviews that I’ve done, and I’m also adding simple 5-10 word reviews within each listing.  This WILL take longer than one of my normal blogs, so please check it out here.  It may be under construction for a bit while I edit, but it will be much better when I’m done.  I’m surprised no one has bugged me to keep it up.

Next, two days ago, I promised you a pic of my classroom comics library.  I posted it on Instagram, but not here, so here you go:

Happy Reading!

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