Graphic Novel Review 64/365: Sunny Side Up – Scholastic Week!

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Scholastic Week continues with Sunny Side Up!

Title: Sunny Side Up  

Author(s): Jenny and Matt Holm

Publisher: Scholastic (2015)

Age Rating: 10+

Sunny Side Up is in the same ballpark as Raina Telgemeier’s books.  Same audience, same simple but effective artwork, and it discusses familial issues.

This is good news for fans of Raina that are looking to branch out and find new books to read…kind of like discovering a new band that sounds a lot like your favorite.

Sunny Side Up, brought to us by the fantastic brother/sister team of Jenny and Matt Holm, is about a young girl that is trying to find her place in the world, dealing with a family brought to turmoil by an addict of an older brother.  And here is where Sunny Side Up is different from Smile or Sisters: this book has the same feel but helps kids understand that they might not be the only ones dealing with addiction in their families.  I’m not sure what the sequel, Swing it, Sunny, is about (I’m reading and reviewing it tomorrow), but if it varies in theme, between the Holm and Telgemeier books, parents, teachers, and family members have a nice little collection of per-teen themed gifts for the little ones in their lives.

Much like living with an addict, there is no true resolution to Sunny Side Up, but in the end, Jenny and Matt Holm make us understand that things do get better.  And it is through the third act of the book that we understand how we need to work with our loved ones to help each other out through difficult times.

This is a quick read, but for the right kid, it could be a very powerful one.  Pick it up and add it to your Scholastic book shelf.

And check back tomorrow for the good word on Swing It, Sunny.

Happy reading!


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