Graphic Novel Review 66/365: Cleopatra In Space – Scholastic Week!

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Scholastic Week continues with book one in an amazing series done by Mike Maihack, a very cool dude that I was lucky to meet and chat with at the American Library Association Conference.

Title: Cleopatra In Space 

Author(s): Mike Maihack

Publisher: Scholastic (2014 vol.1)

Age Rating: 10+

I’m thrilled to continue Scholastic Week with a great graphic novel that I picked up because the artist was cool, and I ended up enjoying the heck out of the book, which is ALWAYS a plus.  Cleopatra In Space tells the tale of a 15-year-old Cleopatra that gets magically transported into a futuristic existence that is unsurprisingly foreign to her.  She is told that she is the chosen one of the ancient scrolls, sent to save humanity.

She believes none of the hype, meets some cool friends, is surrounded by talking cats that run the show, and gets put into detention for skipping all of her classes…except for combat and target practice.  So, she’s pretty much a bad-ass teenager with a disdain for traditional school in a fish out of water story.

The world is built in a way that you hardly even think about the fact that she has been completely removed from everything and everyone that she has known and loved and is getting along quite nicely.  I think the shock of anachronistic protagonist keeps all of the normal refutations from surfacing.  I mean, it’s a fun book about a cool girl taking down robot mummies to save people.  And part of me does believe that Maihack might bring us back to her family and old life in a future book…there are a few…I own three of them…I’ve only read one so far.

The art is crisp and fun, and the darker hues of space set an eye-pleasing backdrop for Cleo’s adventures.  Young people in your life are sure to get a kick out of this book, as will you.  If I wasn’t trying to get through all of these dang books on my shelf for the 365 day adventure, I’d hit up the second and third book right now!


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