Graphic Novel Review 67/365: Dream Jumper – Scholastic Week!

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If you teach with, read with, and write about graphic novels as much as I do, you will find that you have shelves full of them.  So, when I’m doing a theme week like Scholastic Week, I know that I will not be in need of a trip to the store.  But sometimes, you forget you have things, and sometimes books pop out at you that you never knew you had.

Searching for a Friday Scholastic title, I came across Dream Jumper

Title: Dream Jumper  

Author(s): Greg Grunberg & Lucas Turnbloom

Publisher: Scholastic (2016 Book.1)

Age Rating: 10+

I’d like to say that so far, this Scholastic Week has been fun!  I’m excited to talk about this book, and I’m excited to announce that if all goes well, we should have student guest reviews for Saturday and Sunday…from my students!

OK.  Let’s get into Dream Jumper because this book is different from the other Scholastic books that have been featured on my site thus far.  I’ve discussed titles that would be good to use as entry ways into the medium: books with simple page layout, simple design, etc.  Now take all of the good stuff that makes these books good entry points to the medium and take away the simple plot for something more thoughtful…

This book is like the Inception of pre-teen graphic novels.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not confusing or overly complicated, but it is not afraid to make a young reader think.  Without spoiling the book, I can say that this book is about a young man that can travel through people’s dreams and act as a sort of guardian against the evil in their dreams, but it looks like this:

Simple, slick, and intelligent: this is the graphic novel you pick up for the little smart kid in your family.  Don’t shy away from complex narrative.  This book is good, and I’m excited to see more complex stories aimed at younger readers!  Keep it up, guys!  I’m going to be happy to mention this title at a lot of upcoming conferences.  And it was just sitting on my shelf…dang, should have read it sooner!

Oh!  And the forward is done by J. J. Abrams…what?!


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