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You know how you tend to read novels from your favorite authors, watch shows with your favorite characters, movies from your favorite directors?  Well comics are the same way.  If you read long enough, you will find writers and artists that you gravitate toward.  This week, I will be featuring works from one of the comic writers that excites my group of comic-reading friends: Brian K. Vaughan.  If you’ve never read a BKV book, this week, you are in luck!  Myself and a couple of guest reviewers will be bringing you some of the best that BKV has created!

Title: The Private Eye 

Author(s): Brian K. Vaughan, Marcos Martin, and Muntsa Vicente

Publisher: Image (2015)

Age Rating: 17+

Couple of quick things: this book is not for kids; this book is fantastic!

This book has been on my shelf at home for over a year, and I’ve been putting it off; I don’t know why.  Maybe it’s because of how awkward the shape of the book is.  Seriously, the shape of this book sucks.  It’s my only criticism.  It’s long and thick, so it’s heavy; you can’t read it in bed or sitting reclined.  You pretty much need to read this book at a table.  I really do not like the shape of this book; however, the shape does give it an interesting reading orientation, so whatever.  Don’t read it in bed.  You’ll be sorry!

Besides that, I love everything about this book.  The setting is original: America, future…after the big data leak that ruined the country, people have resorted back to books and TeeVee as their sources of information.  Libraries are for books again!  The characters are great: our protagonist is a private eye; since no internet, if people REALLY need info, they can hire a P.I.  And our P.I.’s grandfather is my favorite character; he lived during out time, so he gets all of the old tech, including…the Zune!  The plot is super original without feeling foreign.  And I’m just scratching the surface about all that is unique about this book.  Most of the individuals in the book wear disguises, there is a sophomore in high school getaway driver, a rocket-ship countdown!  This book has it all.  And it’s dense, so you probably will not read this book in one sitting.

It’s a great entry way into the world of Brian K. Vaughan.  You’ll be able to experience his humor, his complexity, his unique characters, and his style.

Why is this not for kids?  Nudity and sexual language.  But it’s going to be a kick-ass rated “R” film if it ever gets made…


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