Graphic Novel Review 71/365: Saga – Brian K. Vaughan Week!

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Brian K. Vaughan Week continues with a book that has been nominated for Eisner Awards since it’s been in publication.  I’m talking of course of Saga.

Title: Saga 

Author(s): Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples

Publisher: Image (2012)

Age Rating: 17+

Saga is one of those books that people coming to comics or coming back to comics will always get recommended to them.  It’s a fantastically rich story with amazing characters, an enormous world, and the art of Fiona Staples.  Little known fact, Fiona Staples is one of my FAVORITE artists, and I was lucky enough to get a pic with her at Denver Comic Con a few years ago.

You can explain Saga to people the same way I’ve heard it explained a million times: take Star Wars, mix it with Lord of the Rings, and add some Romeo and Juliet…then take what you have, and make it creative!  That’s how good Saga is.  Like The Walking Dead, Saga makes people into comics readers.

It’s for sure 17+.  The nudity and sex make it so.  Don’t accidentally leave your copy in your classroom; you might get a phone call from a curious kid’s parents that stole your copy.  It’s not safe for work.  But it is really good.  Just know…it’s not safe for work.

I must admit, I’m not caught up on the series.  It’s going strong, and I hear, it’s still been fantastic.  Brian K. Vaughan has a knack for detailed story telling and world building that is second to none.  When you add the art of Fiona Staples, you have an instant classic.  Saga could go down as the next Watchmen…if the story is still as good as it was when I stopped reading.

And you will not read a book from my list with more interesting characters than Saga.  There are some that come close, but Lying Cat alone ensures none will top that chart:

Yep, it’s a cat that knows when you are lying.  I could go on and on listing the cool characters like The Will and The Robot Prince, but I have stuff to grade, and you have to go start collecting Brian K. Vaughan books.


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