Graphic Novel Review 78/365: Solid State

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Because I took a break from normal graphic novel reviews yesterday, I will not officially title this Image Comics Week since I want to give Image Comics a full week, however, we will have an Image lean this week…trust me, there are enough Image Comics to go around.

Title: Solid State 

Author(s): conceptualized by Jonathan Coulton, written by Matt Fraction, and art by Albert Monteys

Publisher: Image (2017)

Age Rating: 13+


The most original aspect of the graphic novel is that it has been created to be an accompany piece to Jonathan Coulton’s concept album Solid State, which is available on most music platforms, and you should totally check it out before or after reading the book.  The book also takes the physical shape of a record album, which I didn’t even notice until someone pointed it out to me!

The back of the graphic novel claims that the book is a mix between 2001: A Space Odyssey and Office Space; I’m in!

A blend of future, past, and present, this graphic novel effortlessly tosses the reader around in a world where people speak in emoji, communicate with humanoid robots, and drown in a stack of bureaucracy.  The book creates a bleak future but uses surprisingly upbeat color and art style that is displayed through large, detailed pages and panels.  The choice of color and art juxtaposed against the dreariness of the story creates a very interesting read.  Add that to the ambiguousness of parts of the plot, and you have a graphic novel that I guarantee is unlike any other that you have read.

Solid State is without a doubt in the Top 5 most interesting graphic novels that I’ve reviewed thus far.  Check it out!

Happy reading!


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