Graphic Novel Review 80/365: Kid Savage

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Unofficial Image Comics Week continues with a cool looking book that I’ve had on my shelf since this past C2E2.  Penned by the writer of I Kill Giants, Joe Kelly, Kid Savage was one I’d been waiting to sink my teeth into.

Title: Kid Savage (Book One)  

Author(s): Joe Kelly, Ilya, with Gary Caldwell on colors

Publisher: Image (2017)

Age Rating: 13+

Kid Savage is a title that fans of sci-fi should be familiar with.  A family, out exploring space, lands on a foreign planet and has to figure out how to survive with no immediate hope of going back home.  This fish out of water premise has been done before.  So what makes Kid Savage different?

The difference comes in the shape of an alien kid, banished from his home, that stumbles upon this family and ultimately, sort of, befriends them, although neither of them speak each others’ languages.  We learn a lot about the alien boy through flashbacks and narration, while most of what we learn from the seemingly human family comes form their dialogue.  I say seemingly because I’m not sure that this book series isn’t going to go all Twilight Zone on me and tell me that the family HAS BEEN THE ALIENS ALL ALONG!!!

The sci-fi mixed with the guttural simpleness of the world that the family lands on is that cool mix that we are used to seeing but not tired enough of yet to dismiss.  I could see this book opening up a few discussions about how we act and what we do when we are placed in the uncertain.  There are for sure arguments to be had about what would happen if you put Iron Man in prehistoric times, or The Scooby-Doo Gang in the world of Sherlock Holmes (wait…they might have already done that), but you know what I mean.  There’s a reason that Space Jam works: basketball + aliens + Loony Tunes + Michael Jordan + Bill Murray = Smash Hit!  #juxtaposition

Check it out, let me know what you think.  I have to go back to school for parent/teacher conferences, peace!

Happy reading!


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